Complete Behavioral Health


Marc Franczak, Psychology doctoral intern, PLMHP

Marc Franczak experience encompasses working with at-risk youth and families, individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, disruptive behaviors, self-injurious behaviors, autism spectrum disorder, severe and persistent mental illness, comorbid disorders, co-occurring disorders, traumatic brain injury, and trauma. As a therapist he considers himself warm, open, encouraging, and direct. He utilizes an eclectic approach to draw from a variety of theories to create client specific treatment goals. He knows what it is like to feel a loss of control and to harshly criticize yourself as a result. He is active and compassionate about helping others overcome their struggles with mental health.

Mark believes we are forever on the path of self-discovery and the secret to healing is accepting where you are, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself. Life is tough but so are you. You will be amazed at what you can attract when you start believing in what you deserve.