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Trisha McGann LIMHP

Trisha McGann is a Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner. Trisha started her passion for helping others when she was a volunteer for support of military families. She started her professional journey working as an intern with a grief counseling agency. She worked with adults, children, and families who were challenged by all kinds of loss, including financial hardships, loss of a loved one, divorce, and loss of a home. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree, and then her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling all while working and staying busy raising a family. Most recently she worked with a unique clientele at a correctional facility substance use program. In the corrections system she worked with a large diversity of people of different ages, backgrounds, and ethical outlooks. She is well versed in substance abuse counseling, as well as grief counseling, and self betterment groups. Trisha believes in the benefits of Client Centered Therapy, uses Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques as well as integrating mindfulness and wellness into her treatment plans. Trisha wholeheartedly believes in being genuine, open, honest and transparent with her clients. She does her utmost to help her clients find their true potential.

This provider is available at the following CBH location:

🚩 1237 Golden Gate Dr Papillion 68046