Complete Behavioral Health


Meet Our Providers


Backed by more than 20 years of experience, we work closely with families, psychologists, primary care physicians, and nutritionists to provide Nebraska’s top mental and physical collaborative care.

Dr. Kelly Tamayo
Aryn Bowlby-Safranek, MS, LIMHP, LADC, LPC
Paul Heft, LIMHP
Michele Jack-Love, MS, LIMHP, NCC
Marc Franczak, Psychology doctoral intern, PLMHP
Robyn VanderVeen MS, PLMHP
Breanna Caldwell, Licensed Massage Therapist
Regina, MSEd, LMHP, LADC
Courtney Frerichs, LIMHP
Dr. Mark Martinsen, DC Chiropractor
Ashley Jones, Counseling Intern
Lynn Kruger, LIMHP
Michelle Powell, LIMHP
Trisha McGann LIMHP
Kaylee Blake
Ashley Peterson, LMHP
Sandra Pasco-Armstrong, PLADC, PLMHP
Alexa Kelly, PLMHP
David Bernard, LMHP